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Seema Joshi   

Fayetteville, North Carolina

My life has changed in terms of progressing rapidly on the 'Ladder of Spirituality' towards “Moksha” by very much embracing the ‘freedom of choice’ to acquire Divine knowledge from any and all possible sources. I am 63 years of age and currently reside in Fayetteville, NC. 

Thank you for the opportunity in allowing me to share my Spiritual Awakening and Journey.


At a 10-day Buddhist Noble Silence Retreat on Dec. 28, (my birth date) 2009 (at age 53) where I had a small opening in the 'Veil of Maya', as big as the size of a mustard seed. As the years went by, the opening became larger and larger.


In October 2010, I travelled to New Zealand on a solo backpack trip of 4 1/2 months for I had a 'Spiritual Calling' from God Himself. God had a message for me exclusively! I took a ferry boat to Ulva Island, which south of Queenstown, NZ upon first week of my arrival. There, sitting between two Spruce trees for Meditation, I received a clear message saying: “Virtuosity is bestowed upon the few by God Himself. So don’t ruin it for it may taint your Soul!!”  And then, I felt a shower of Rose petals from the Heaven from various Gods and Goddesses.  Wow! I was ecstatic indeed! During my return flight to USA, I asked God, “What do you want me to do for the rest of my life? And He said: 'Selfless Community Service, i.e. Selfless Jana-Seva.' I have been engaged in it since then.


Throughout this Spiritual journey of the past 12 years, although people have suggested that I should have a Guru to advance my Spirituality, I often resisted. I have always preferred to ‘Converse’ to Shree Krishna myself directly without the interference of a Human Guru. Thus, I did not have a Guru for the past 11 years. However, in February of 2020 I had decided to attend at NC Vedanta Society of Raleigh, NC to listen to Swami Sarvadevananda’s lectures on Shree Ramakrishna Paramahanse and possibly receive ‘Diksha’.  My friend did suggest that I should try for ‘Diksha’ but not necessarily have great expectations. However, on March 13, 2020, (Raleigh, NC, USA) I was given Diksha by Swami Sarvadevananda along with a powerful mantra Blessed by his Guru and ultimately, by Shri Ramakrishna himself. The power of this Mantra is very unique in that, whenever I use in times of conflict by directly looking into their eyes, it subdues my rival within 5-10 seconds and civil conversation is resumed. I recite it with my Jap Mala, twice a day to build my Spiritual Merits. I had read about Shri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekanandafor many years in the past. I have been absolutely fascinated by their brilliant minds absorbing Vedantic Scriptures and Swami ji’s superb knowledge and delivery of that knowledge to the western world. I have often thought of Swami Vivekananda as Shri Ramakrishna’s ‘MICROPHONE’ to the East and the West. 


I suppose, when I was ready and had 'set my sail open', Shri Ramkrishna presented himself to me in the form of my Guru. He and Swami ji are extremely well known in the East as well as the West. Their words of wisdom, their Spiritual experiences and their encounters with the public are well documented as well as offered as examples for ordinary human beings to follow. Shri Ramkrishna was an ‘Avatar’ of Shri Vishnu Himself.  Whereas, Swami Vivekananda was an ‘Avatar’ of one of the 'Sapta Rishis'. This was of great attraction to me since I am a passionate Devotee of Shri Krishna. My innate need of retaining Shri Krishna as my Guru and the Embodied form of Shri Ramakrishna, who was so ecstatic at hearing the ‘Leelas’ of Shri Krishna, fulfilled both of my requirements.  Thus, accepting Shri Ramakrishna as my Human Form Guru, was agreeable and accepting to my intellect. After all, the entire world categorically often quotes both of these ‘God-Realized’ men, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahanse and Swami Vivekananda! So, why not become the disciples of these 'Top Men of the World'.


My association with Vedanta Society has been approximately for two years. But I have read materials for the past 5-6 years. My attraction was for the Vedantic Philosophy. I very much value the messages and teachings of Shri Ramakrishna, ’That ALL paths lead to One God!!  Therefore, acquire all sorts of knowledge, (Jyan) from any source, any and all medias, any Swamijis, any Pravajikas, any place of value, etc. and experience it for yourselves, i.e. ‘VIDJYAN’ “.  Life has robbed me of  vital choice and thus, I extremely value the choice that Shri Ramakrishna and his disciples have offered me. 

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