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 Archana Bandi 


Reflecting on my childhood, I was wondering how fortunate my grandma was to be able to go to pravachans and listen to sermons by so many Swamijis from Vaishnav Sampraday. I was immersed in all things religion back then, and here in the USA, I was so far from it. Searching for a way that could connect me back to my roots, I looked for podcasts on Gita and then Vedanta only to stumble upon talks recorded at Boston delivered by Swami Tyaganandaji in August 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA while driving my son to and from school. 


As if a thirsty soul found its fountain. Podcasts led to books, leading to the discipline of reading Bhagavad Gita, and eventually, the initiation, by Swami Tyagananadji from the Vedanta Center, Boston. 


Study of Vedanta makes clear the Oneness amongst all, presence of that eternal truth beyond all names and form, and teaching of our true nature that has no kernel of this world in it. 


Vedanta has brought me closer to the reality for which I had been searching for so long. Ego doesn't fight with others much. I pray for all, more for those who are teaching me lessons of life, and with a grateful heart.  And I now have the knowledge that within me lies the center of peace that is always here, no matter what. Jai Shri Krishna. 

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