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Mark Best

Vancouver, Washington State


I was first introduced to Vedanta in Oxford, Ohio, pursuing my Comparative Religion degree at Miami University of Ohio. I was attracted to Vedanta through many sources including the religious studies professors under whom I studied during my undergraduate tenure. I have been associated with Vedanta for about 13 years. I have not formally received Diksha or initiation in any way. I would love to be initiated formally into the tradition.


I was a Buddhist first and then began to expand my understanding of the world around me and my higher self through the study of various religious traditions. I was also handed a copy of the Bhagavad Gita by a member of ISKCON member on the campus of Portland State University.


My brother gave me a statue of Ganesh for Christmas one year as well. I should also mention that I am a practitioner of Tantra more than anything else, so it is the practice of Tantra on the part of Ramakrishna that I relate with the most.


The unity of Atman and Brahman is the central point that I find compelling. Also the practice of achieving samadhi through various means. I particularly enjoy the practice of the 4 yogas as articulated by Swami Vivekananda.


Vedanta has led me to be a happier person. I have felt a connection to God in a way that I didn’t before my introduction to Vedanta. I have found a community of like-minded people in the world and my city. I have found a purpose and goal in life. I describe my profession as a mental health counselor as Karma Yoga.

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