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Andre Van Zijl  
Santa Monica, California

I was invited to a lecture at the Cape Town Theosophical Society in December 1970 to hear Swami Nisreyasanandaji’s presentation on Raja Yoga. From the moment I saw him I was in hook-line-&-sinker!


I am not this provisional identity called “me” and that the universe is born of love, lives and breathes in love. A love that is not in the slightest personal. Graced by Thakur with a spiritual death and rebirth, I am free from fear, and seek nothing more than to embody the truth of Atman/Brahman as best as I am able. To the extent that I allow.


I was initiated in the London Vedanta Society by Swami Bhavyananda as a brahmachari on Buddha’s birthday in 1976.

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