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Medhaj Madhavan  

Mumbai, India


My name is Medhaj Madhavan. I am twenty-five years old and on this path of Vedanta I am still new, perhaps since 2019. My knowledge of the works of Swami Vivekananda, the Gospel and other such literature is also new but growing.


I did my schooling at Swami Vivekananda High School and my first experience of Sri Ramakrishna as a person was in my 7th grade when I participated in the Inter-School Elocution competition. This followed in 8th as well. We also had an annual magazine titled - Vivek - Arise, Awake! Growing up I only knew what the words meant but maybe was not aware of the depth carried with it.


My introduction to Vedanta, perhaps since 2019, could formally be attributed to the podcasts I listened to. These were on the "Kathopanishad" to begin with and covered a vast list of topics and characters. I began listening to Swami Tyagananda speak on these podcasts and it completely drew me in. I joined the mailing list of Vedanta Society of Boston which daily releases a quote or snippet from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. From there I began exploring the Vedanta Societies in States and got to know of their many YouTube channels. At that time - this felt adequate to me for guidance.


My continuing attraction to Vedanta may stem from listening to Swami Tyagananda speak, or perhaps it is the quotes that reached me daily. It could be my proximity to the Divine Mother's temple or my upbringing. There could be many, many reasons - not just one. But all are a coherent a part of bringing clarity to my mind.


I am aware of most thoughts before they fully take shape in the mind. I am still a novice but the words of many Swamis have helped me practice this.


As Swami Vivekananda rightly said (paraphrasing him) - let the mind loose, let all thoughts arise. Just observe, observe and with time and practice - there'll be complete peace in the mind.


Irrespective of what I do, life goes on. Thus - I should neither be too worried about a thing yet at the same time - since impermanence is life - I must also make the most of it. This I feel adds balance, and this if practiced deeply can be revolutionary for human life. The lord works in myriad ways and all completely satisfying if look at from a neutral standpoint. 

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