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In the early 1990’s I was employed by an environmental consulting firm.  We were tasked with preparing a report on the potential impacts of a proposed residential development located between Saint Michael’s Abby and the Ramakrishna Monastery.  I volunteered to visit the monastery and met with Swami Tadatananda and another monk.  While showing me the grounds we came upon a giant metal sculpture of the Star of David.  I asked Swami, “What religion are you?” He responded: “Vedanta. Like the many streams that lead to the same ocean, different religions are just different paths to the same truth. We honor all religions as paths to God.”


As I was leaving Swami Tadatananda asked me if we haven’t met before?  I said no.  Weren’t you here asking about putting a cell site on our property? A few months later I got a new job working as a land use consultant building wireless telecommunication cell sites on different properties.  Swami’s words came back to me and I started to attend the Sunday lectures at the monastery.  I’ve been a practicing Vedantist ever since. I was initiated by Swami Swahananda in 1998 have been associated with Vedanta for about 27 years. 

                   Ed Gala

Huntington Beach, California

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