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It was late 2019, just before the pandemic hit the world and it was actually synchronicity that I came upon a YouTube video of Swami Tadatmananda at the Arsha Bodha Center in NJ after searching Google for a teacher or some kind of spiritual guide.  I watched him teach about inner Divinity and I've been studying intently ever since.


I have not been formally initiated by a guru onto this path.  It was a personal decision to seek wisdom beyond the normal paths to reach liberation.


The most compelling thing about Vedanta is its personal approach to knowledge and wisdom of the ancient ones.  I was inspirationally guided to walk the path of knowledge.  Thanks to actual and direct experiences of the teachings I have been able to fully understand what I am.


I am at peace, aware of spiritual gifts and personally transformed from just living to living fully in the present.  I seek spiritual sustenance every day and work with my Self to integrate all the wisdom that follows meditation and practice.  This journey to enlightenment has allowed me to be in touch with various deities (such as Ganesha, Shiva, Lakshmi and Lord Krishna to name a few).  Upon such Divine Connections I have received and experienced many truths which keep me filled with awe.  I sincerely look within for clarity, guidance and understanding thanks to Swami Tadatmananda in NJ, Swami Sarvapriyananda in NY and now Vedanta in Southern California.  I have been liberated from suffering and come to see each day as an opportunity to experience wonders that I did not know existed.

Crystal Barnett   

Baltimore, Maryland

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