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KRK Moorthy     
Mumbai, India


I cannot claim to be a good student of Vedanta. I got interested in the subject fortunately through a friend, Dr. Remesan. He wanted me to translate the works of Famous social reformer from Kerala (I, too, am from Kerala originally) who uplifted the downtrodden members of his community from Malayalam to English. This project required good knowledge of English, Malayalam, Sanskrit, to some extent and Vedanta. So I started reading the Upanishads both in English and Malayalam which helped me to do a decent job entrusted to me. The book was prescribed in the Kerala University. Later a friend, an editor of a Daily, requested me contribute articles on spiritual subjects. This needed further study of the scriptures and a knack to write simple articles.


I have not been initiated. I don’t think it is necessary, so long as you are devoted to the subject and moral living. I am a vegetarian, don’t smoke, drink or have any vices,


For the last twenty years I have been contributing articles to the Bhavan’s Journal and Dignity Dialogue every month, mainly on spiritual topics.

Reading and writing on spiritual subjects give me lot of mental satisfaction and peace. My articles are appreciated by the readers.


I’m 86 years old. I have visited the US about 11 times, Canada, 4 times, The UK 2 times and many other places. I donate money to all noble causes. My two sons are US citizens. In spite of poor health, I am happy .

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