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My mother died in 1974 and I began looking for spiritual books that referenced Eastern teachings, especially regarding reincarnation.  I found the book "Vedanta for the East and West".  As I was reading it, I became more excited, as it explained everything so clearly that I believed to be true.


I had never heard the word "Vedanta" before but I looked the word up in the telephone book.  There I found Vedanta S listed with an address in Providence, RI.  I called the number and a gentleman with a thick Indian accent listened to my story and told me to come to the center on Sunday evening at 5 pm for services.  He turned out to be Swami Sarvagatananda.  The temple had pictures and sayings of all the world's religions, lining the walls.  I loved the peace and joy of the people and the space.  


My children went to the Sunday school as they got older and to summer camp at Marshfield, Ma.  We all loved the festivals and celebrations, but the teachings and books we read kept us going for all these years.


Eventually, in 1986, I opened a bookstore dedicated to world religions, psychology, and philosophy.  We would bring people to Vedanta programs and some of them continue to this day!  I thank Swami Yogatmananda for kindly bringing people to my bookstore for programs we presented.  It was wonderful to have such support!  My daughters don't go to services, but they have incorporated the teachings into their lives.


I am forever grateful for the love and support of the Swamis and the Vedanta members.  I have been living in Tucson for the two years of the pandemic.  The Vedanta group, here, have been there for us during these trying times.  I feel that we have been held in the palms of Ramakrishna and Holy Mother.  Thanks to all!

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      Karen Nygaard
      Tucson, AZ and Providence RI

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