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Jyoti and Nanda Mukherjee

Marana, Arizona

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We are from India. We are attached to Bhagaban Sri Ramakrishna and Swamiji right from our childhood. So, we knew about the Vedanta organization before we arrived in USA. Specially, we were also guided by Thakur’s principles from our childhood. We also knew about the Vedanta organization in Hollywood and were attracted to the organization to continue our thoughts and studies in USA.  We are self-guided to get initiated by Ramakrishna order Swamiji. We tried to get initiated by Swamiji in Belur Math and was arranged by Swami Suparnanada Maharaj, Secretary of RMIC, Golpark. He mentioned that we could get initiated also by Swamiji from Vedanta Society in Hollywood.


We made contact and were eventually initiated by Swami Maharaj Sarvadevananda. We learned a lot from listening to his lectures which are very simple, straightforward and interesting to us.  We try to follow his guidance and instructions as best as we can.


All religions are same. Hindu religion is a universal religion which respects all other religions in the world. We also learned to respect that Vedanta has made our lives more disciplined day to day. It has helped us to become “Bhaktas/devotees” of Thakur Ramakrishna, Guru Swami Sarvadevananda and Ma Kali at the same time. There is no difference.

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