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The Eatons

     Wales, The United Kingdom


We began by working out a chronological account of events/meetings which had seemed to give rise to certain outcomes which in turn were to lead on to other incidents all of which were to culminate in an attraction to Vedanta.

We followed this line for a while, and eventually both came to feel that this did not 'capture' the process accurately. This linear approach falls down when we see that that which is sought embodies both the place of departure and of arrival.......hence the attraction (for Vedanta) was always here but somehow we didn't know it. What was crucial for us was that spark of Grace which was to awaken this'presence'. That came (into conscious awareness) in Sri Ramakrishna and it is this personality which over time has found articulation as principle -Vedanta.

In terms of its influence - we now believe/'know' that there is something to remember.......... the above process was/is not passive...........and we must remember........

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