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Aldie, Virginia


I was introduced to Vedanta in 2016. I first saw a YouTube presentation by Swami Sarvapriyananda; his powerful and impressive talks can change anyone’s life. He is so good in explaining Vedantic principals plus I think what he preaches, he implements in his life as well leaving a strong mark on his audience.


Vedanta has changed the way I think and perceive this world. My goal of life has changed completely. I am on the path of devotion but still I like listening Vedantic talks as it helps me to become better devotee. I became a better mother, a better housewife and a better citizen due to Vedanta. I am not qualified to study Vedanta as I do not have those 6 qualities but at least now I know what I should do, and I am progressing.


I am calmer and happier than before. Whenever I am free, I listen to the YouTube talks of Swami Sarvapriyananda and get so much joy and peace. I am able to implement some of the principals in my day-to-day life. I think it is Thakur’s grace that I started liking and understanding Vedanta.


I used to think that spiritual life and worldly life are two different things. If I am doing my daily worship that’s my spiritual life and rest all, like work in office, driving, cooking, cleaning, eating, sleeping, talking etc. is my worldly life. Swami Sarvapriyananda helped me to understand that above are not two different things. He explained if I do 30 min morning and evening puja and rest 23 hours, I am running behind sense pleasures than I can’t move forward towards my spiritual goal. I need to spiritualize every action and evert moment of my life as an offering to the lotus feet of God. Now I try to practice mental japa while doing all kinds of work throughout the day.


Swami Sarvapriyananda’s Vedanta talks really helped me to understand what the mind is and how it functions. I do not feel depressed about perceived daily failures. I still fall down many times but now I brush off the dust and start again fighting my bad samskaras. As a result, I do not give up anymore. Swami reminded me about ‘power of choice’ we have all the time right there in front of us which we do not use at all. The mind again tricks We have to choose ‘shreya’ (preferable) and reject ‘preya’(pleasurable) all the time.


I have learned many things, among them: Whatever is happening is the result of our karma. It’s important to respond to all circumstances with a cool mind. Engage in selfless action as much as possible; serve others without expectations. Performing mental japa is important. I see Vedanta everywhere in my day-to-day life and able to connect the dots most of the times. I have been initiated by a guru but not from Ramakrishna Mission order.

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