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Cochin, Kerala, India


My journey towards the spiritual path cannot be accurately pointed out because I felt it is immemorial which is beyond my memory as I felt from childhood onwards it is the continuation of travel from many years and centuries back. I was born and brought up in a conventional traditional family with educated parents enriched with religious beliefs and faith, the foundation of my childhood was strongly affirmed to the faith in God. But I always felt to grow more and more inward through the grace of God and expand more from the realm of devotion and started experienced that vastness of infinity deep inside me in childhood itself but I was reluctant to share all that I felt inside to anyone.  When I was playing in the vast green paddy fields and lying on the terrace gazing at the stars in the night in solitude, I felt all these including the whole world the darkness, trees, my beloveds all the life which I experiencing as a colorful dream. Afterward, I was scared and got puzzled that maybe something wrong with me that I am thinking in such ways and I never shared these with anyone.


Years passed I graduated in Science and Law but I have the habit of writing prose and poetry and have a profound love for Nature and all my writings reflected this love and my deep synchronization with nature. I could feel God in Nature and in my thoughts I always feel the oneness of Nature, myself and I experience and feel God among myself and nature, I love and feel full in my own companionship in solitude even in my office too I could feel that the prayers which got inherited from my father deepen into silence without words in me as meditation; the love I got from my parents and beloveds deepens into the universal oneness.


I acquired a good career and flourished in my profession as a lawyer but my inside is always calm and serene in the midst of all crowd and business of my work. I am also a yoga practitioner, I practice Hatha yoga asanas daily without fail along with meditation. I am presently working as an advocate at the High Court of Kerala. I am married and have two children who are in school.


Whatever I write gradually evidences the reality of oneness which I realized from myself. I do not believe that the individual self and universal self are two different realities. I started enquiring about where I could study or find out my perspective. I read the bible twice or thrice and, from the New Testament I found out Jesus in many places pointing out the truth of oneness between God, his disciples and the universe, I understood because of the grace of God I could realize the truth.  When I saw Swami Sarvapriyananda’s classes on YouTube I was so much impressed. Whatever he taught was what I was searching for and hidden inside me already, so I started attending all his online classes and entered in the Adwatha Vedantha stream of knowledge and very thankful and bowing down all respected Swamijis.

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